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How does it work?

What is a Fan Token?

What is a Song Share?

How do I access a Reward?

What is the purpose of career indicators?

Main themes


What is Bolero?

How the artists in the catalogue are selected?

Fan Token

What is a Fan Token?

What is the purpose of a Fan Token?

How is the total amount of tokens per artist determined?

How is the total amount of Fan Tokens per artist distributed?

How does the price of a Fan Token fluctuates?

How can I sell my Fan Tokens?

Song Shares

What is a Song Shares?

Is a Song Share safe?

To what extent the Song Shares are unprecedented for artists and fans?

How do I claim (withdraw) royalties?

How to forecast the potential royalties of a Song Share?

How can I sell a Song Share?

Are there any fees to receive royalties?

What data do we measure to track a song’s performance?


What is a reward level?

How can I get my rewards?

What is the difference between a limited and unlimited reward?

Can the rewards be updated?

Are the rewards transferred if I sell my tokens?


How to join as an artist?

How can I create my Fan Token?


How long will Agorians continue to receive royalties?

Who’s releasing the song?

How will Agorians receive their royalties?

Where can I listen to the song?

Who will promote the single?

How can I make it into the snapshot?

When is the release date?

Will we also benefit from sync for movies, commercials?

When will we receive royalties?

What do we owe you or the community for this reward?

What if I don't make it into the snapshot?

Okay so, what’s the roadmap ser?

Will there be remixes?


How can I buy Fan Tokens?

Can I pay by credit card?

Can I pay with cryptocurrencies?

Bolero XP: Missions, roles and rewards

What is Bolero XP?

What are the roles?

What are the roles and levels rewards?

How does the XP streak work?

Daily Connect: the rule to follow

Career indicator

What is the purpose of career indicators?

What do the career indicators mean?

How are the indicators calculated?

Which data points do you use to measure the progress of artists?


What is a catalog?

How does its value evolve?

Who can see my catalog?


Can I see other users' profiles?

How do the notifications work?

How do leaderboards work?

Can I invite friends?

What do we earn if our referred friends sign up?


What is a quest on Bolero?

How do I get my gifts?


Can I connect an external wallet to Bolero?

Which crypto-currencies can I use?

How to see a Fan Token in my wallet?

Why connect my wallet?


What is the protocol used by the platform?

What is the technology behind Fan Tokens and songs shares?

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