What is the purpose of using Bolero Music when you're an artist?

With Bolero Music, an artist benefits from a simple, fast and fair platfom to create and sell fan tokens & NFTs. To that extent, every artist can create a new sustainable and recurrent source of income from their digital assets. All this in a decentralised way.

Our tokenomics have been designed to empower creators, and incentivise fans. Bolero Music is a place to gather fans into what we call "fandom". Whether users come for their favourite artists or invest in several artists, they are far more engaged in the career of the artists they support (streaming, concert, grapevine...).

How do I register as an Artist?

There are several steps to register as an artist on Bolero:

1. First when sign-up, remember to select the artist option at the end of the form.

register as an artist

2. Then, you have to create your page by filling some information. Once finished, our team need to review your profile to validate it. You will have access to the artist onboarding to finalize your profile.

register as an artist

3. Finally, complete your Onboarding. It is the last step to complete your Bolero profile as an artist.

register as an artist

Once finished, our Music team needs to validate your profile. If you want to launch your artist tokens, you will need to choose your first price. Otherwise, you will be able to mint and sell your NFTs.

Why does every artist have a score?

One of the issues we want to solve in the music industry is the lack of objectivity for assessing artists performances and potential.

Today, an artist is assessed by looking at their sales statistics (digital and physical) and mainly their footprint on social networks.

However, we think that it is not relevant given the way people consume music now, things have changed. So we created the first algorithm capable of evaluating the performance and potential of artists. Each week, the algorithm interprets an artist’s progress by taking into account their musical genre and activity.

How is calculated my tokens supply?

As explained in "Why does every artist have a score", our Index computes a weekly score for all artists on Bolero. This score sets a specific valorisation. Your tokens’ supply is then computed by divided your valorisation by the price you chose to sell your first tokens.

How do I sell tokens?

Once your profile is validated, you will be able to choose your tokens’ price.

How to mint my NFT?

Once you have your artist profile validated, you are able to mint your NFT directly on Bolero Music.

On your Backstage, go to the “NFTs” tabs. You will find the “Create NFT” button.


Warging: Before starting the creation process, be sure to have your wallet connected with some $MATIC. The NFT mint needs resources from the Polygon network. Therefore, you need some $MATIC to pay the gas fees.

We will guide you through 6 steps to create and mint your NFT.

create nft steps

How do I claim my earnings?

You can see all your activity on your Backstage. The first tab, "Overview", gives you the main information about your sales, token price and your Bolero Score. As soon as you have sold some tokens, check on your Backstage. The amount you sold will be available to "claim". You will have to accept the transaction, and it will be transferred to your wallet.