What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is said to be non-fungible because it is an integer, it cannot be divided. Thanks to this, a file can be attached to each NFT. On the other hand, the NFT is unique and issued in limited quantities: it is the artist who decides on the number of copies (one or more).

An NFT can be considered as a box in which an artist puts the file of his choice. As a user you can become the owner of this box, and thus the owner of the file inside.

On Bolero, artists offer 4 types of NFT: songs (recordings), visuals (photos, gifs...), live pass (concerts, festivals...) and part of master (sale of a part of a master...)

To acquire an NFT, you have to follow the method defined by the artist:

  • Direct purchase
  • Auction sale
  • Make an open offer

How do I search for NFTs?

From the landing page, select "Explore", then select "NFTs".

explore nft

You can also find artist’s NFTs directly on their own page. Search for an artist or click on its card.

nft list
nft list

How do I sell a NFT?

Once you bought your first NFT on Bolero Music, you can put it for sale whenever you want. First, go to Dashboard, then on the “NFT” tab.

sell nft

Then, choose the NFT you want to sell and click on the sell button

sell nft

Finally, choose how you want to sell your NFT, between “Fixed Price” and “Timed Auction”.

sell nft

If you choose “Fixed Price”, only select the price.

If you choose “Timed Auction”, select the starting bid and the expiration date of your auction.

sell nft

Warning: Be sure to have at least a very small amount of $MATIC in your wallet to pay your gas fees.

What kind of NFTs exist?

At Bolero, we wanted to let you collect pieces of each artist creative universe, while keeping a simple experience of discovery and usage. Therefore, we have created and made available 4 different types of NFTs:

  • Master Recording Share (mp3 snippet, file)
  • Track (mp3, wav)
  • Visual (pictures, music videos, gifs)
  • Live Pass (backstage access, free entrance, festivals...)

What is a Track NFT?

A Track NFT is an exclusive record that the Artist has decided to distribute on Bolero and on the blockchain rather than on traditional streaming platforms.

In most instances, these NFTs contain studio outtakes or unfinished recordings that are part of the Artist's legacy.

Each Track NFT contains: the complete mp3 or wav track with a cover.

What is a Master Recording Share NFT?

A master recording is the official recording of a song, sound or performance. Also referred to as “masters”, it is the source from which all the later copies are made.

With a master recording, an artist can license the recording to third parties, like TV shows, films, commercials or even for sampling use by other artists.

Each Master Recording Share NFT contains: a mp3 extract of the record involved, a cover, an agreement file committing the Artist to pay the share that is due to the NFT holder.

By acquiring a part of the master through an NFT, you will earn a proportional part of the royalties (revenues). The artist or Bolero collect the total royalties and then redistribute it to the NFT holders.

The share due to the NFT holder is paid on the frequency decided by the Artist (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).

What is a Visual NFT?

A visual NFT is an NFT that contains visuals from the Artist's creative world. These visuals can be original images, videos, official music videos or gifs.

Please pay attention to the description of these NFTs, as they often give access to special rewards.

What is a Live Pass NFT?

Live Pass NFTs give holders access to live representations. These concerts can take place during a tour, a festival or exclusive showcases. The Artist can also give access to rehearsals or Backstage/VIP experiences.

Each Live Pass NFT contains: a visual and the terms of access. The artists or their teams always contact the NFT holders by email to explain the next steps.