What is a fan token/artist token?

A Fan Token is a unique object, issued in limited quantities by each artist on the platform. Each token is authentic and unalterable thanks to the blockchain.

You can consider these tokens as digital membership cards that materialize a tangible link between the artist and his fanbase.

A token has two virtues:

1 - They allow access to the rewards offered by each artist, exclusively to his community that holds the tokens

2 - They can increase in value over time, depending on the exchanges and the development of the artist’s career

How many tokens are available for each artist?

Each artist has got a limited token supply. The supply is defined by two elements:

  • The Score measured by our Index. It gives us the exclusive ability to assign a valuation based on real-life data.
  • The starting price selected by the artist. We always suggest a starting price but the artist is the one who decides at the end.

Why does every artist have a score?

One of the issues we want to solve in the music industry is the lack of objectivity for assessing artists performances and potential.

Today, an artist is assessed by looking at their sales statistics (digital and physical) and mainly their footprint on social networks.

However, we think that it is not relevant given the way people consume music now, things have changed. So we created the first algorithm capable of evaluating the performance and potential of artists. Each week, the algorithm interprets an artist’s progress by taking into account their musical genre and activity.

How do you calculate the score?

To process the score of each artist, we automatically collect the following data points: streaming, concerts, radio, social medias, sales, popularity, engagement. Each of these points takes more or less weight depending on the artist's musical genre.

When do you update the scores?

Every week on Monday morning (CET).

What makes an artist token price fluctuate?

The first price of an artist token is chosen by the artist himself when registering on Bolero Music.

Then, as long as its tokens remain on the primary market, the price fluctuates according to the artist's score, updated each week. The primary market lasts until the end of the initial token offering.

What is a reward?

Rewards are exclusive advantages offered by the artist to all token holders. The rewards are defined by the artist and managed by the artist. They choose the nature of the rewards and when they will be delivered. Artists can choose different stages to offer different kind of rewards. For instance, one can deliver rewards starting from 1 token while others can unlock rewards starting from 10 tokens.

When are the rewards available?

Artists decide when they want to delivered their rewards. Once the artist activate its rewards, each user with the required amount of tokens will receive a notification from Bolero.

It's the artist and their teams responsibility to make sure you benefit from the rewards. Bolero Music has no role and no responsibility in the delivery of the rewards.

How to import artist tokens in your wallet?

Once a transaction is validated on the blockchain (Polygon), you have the ownership of the fan tokens that you have purchased.

But it doesn’t mean that your wallet is aware of this transaction!

To display your fan tokens in your wallet, you have to import them by declaring the transaction to your wallet. Here’s how to proceed:

With Metamask:

1. Open your Metamask extension

2. Click on "Import Tokens" at the bottom of the window

3. Add the information that you’ve received by email:

  • The artist token address - e.g: 0x4dc8......1799
  • The artist token symbol - e.g: $SKAN

With Torus:

1. Open your Torus wallet by clicking on the blue widget

2. Click on "Edit token"

3. Add the information that you’ve received by email:

  • The artist token address - e.g: 0x4dc8......1799
  • The artist token symbol - e.g: $SKAN