Why do I need to buy USDC and MATIC to buy a token/NFT on Bolero?

USDC is the crypto-currency that allows you to actually buy an artist's token.

However, to validate this transaction the Polygon blockchain must use resources. Of course, this is not free and it corresponds to the famous "gas fees" linked to the blockchain. That's why you have to buy MATIC to pay these transaction fees.

Because we are on Polygon, you only need to buy 1 $MATIC to make thousands of transactions.

How do I buy fixed-price NFTs?

Select the BUY NOW button and follow the prompts in your wallet. Once the transaction is complete, the item will transfer to your wallet and the seller will receive the funds.


To see your NFT, go back to your Dashboard. You can see your NFT collection in the Overview tab.

nft collection

Keep in mind, there might be a slight delay before it's visible due to transaction processing time.

Is there a minimum bid requirement?

Bids must be at least 5% higher than the previous bid.

Where can I check the history of an NFT?

One of the unique benefits of NFTs is the ability to track every transaction on the blockchain. Every NFT has an owner, creator, history, and this information is verifiable on-chain.

On each NFT’s page, there is a section marked "History" where you can check all the previous actions made on this item.


How can I add/see an artist token in my Wallet?

When you purchase an artist token on Bolero Music, the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain but sometimes, you may have to manually add it to your wallet to see it appear. Don't worry if you see the token in your Bolero Dashboard but not in your wallet. It just means that you may have missed the "add" button we provide to add the tokens to your wallet automatically.

Here is the process with a Metamask Wallet:

  • Open MetaMask and click “Assets“ to see the tokens in your wallet
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click “Add Token“
  • Click “Custom Token“
  • Paste the contract address into the Token Contract Address field. It will automatically update the “token symbol”, “token name” and “tokens of precision”
  • Hooray! Now you can see your balance of artist token. Click “Add Tokens“ to finish up

Here is the process with a Torus Wallet:

  • During the checkout, click on the transaction hash. It will open a new page
  • Copy the token contract address
  • Then, open your wallet
  • Paste the token contract address. Torus will automatically update the “token symbol”, “token name” and “tokens of precision”
  • Click on “Next“ and “Add Token“
  • Great! Now you should see your tokens displayed in your wallet“

Can I use crypto-currencies that I hold on other platforms?

Do you already have a wallet with cryptocurrencies? Do you want to use these cryptos in your Bolero Music wallet? There are 3 options to use crypto-currencies that you could hold elsewhere (Coinbase, Binance, FTX,

Option 1 - expert level: Buy USDC directly on your crypto platform

You can buy USDC directly on your crypto platform (Coinbase, Binance...). To transfer them to your wallet connected to Bolero, copy the address of this wallet and transfer your cryptos to this wallet.

Bolero is based on Polygon technology, a layer 2 of Ethereum (see Which blockchain do we use?). Once you have transferred your USDC from your platform to your wallet connected to Bolero, you need to switch them from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network. This action is called "bridging". To do this, you can click here: then on "Polygon Bridge". You just have to choose your amount and then click on "Transfer".


Option 2 - Advanced level: Convert the crypto-currency of your choice into USDC directly on Metamask

  • a. Open the MetaMask extension or Mobile app
  • b. Click or tap the 'Swap' button
  • c. Select the tokens you want to swap and the exchange token (USDC)
  • d. Let MetaMask do its magic ;)
  • e. Click on 'Swap' and wait until the transaction completes
  • f. As with option 1, you need to bridge your USDC from the Ethereum network on the Polygon network

Option 3 - Beginner level (Recommended): Buy USDC directly on Bolero via Ramp

  • a. Connect your wallet (Metamask, Torus, Rainbow)
  • b. Click on the wallet icon then on 'Add funds'
  • c. Choose the amount you wish to purchase, then click on 'Proceed'. There will be a few more steps that will take you 30 seconds

How to transfert my cryptocurrencies into my bank account?

Here are the steps to transfer your funds from Metamask to a bank account: