About Bolero

Chapter 1

A Mission

We care about each artist individually, we put energy into understanding their creative universe so we can set the stage for an authentic and long-lasting relationship with their audience.

We serve every music lover who wants to turn their music taste and emotions into a catalog of curated music assets, unlocking a revolutionary and accessible fandom experience.

We ensure that Bolero’s decentralised technology is the most powerful tool to create recurring revenues for artists while constantly setting a pace for their communities.

We believe in shaping a collective universe in Music where creators unlock everlasting freedom of choice and listeners thrive through ownership.

They talk about us

Chapter 2

Our team

We’re a passionate team of music professionals and blockchain technology pioneers, associated and driven by the same mission. We’ve been joining forces to build the tools that Music really deserves.

We surround ourselves with artists, managers, producers and web 3.0 experts to create the experience music lovers won’t live without.

Chapter 3

They support us

“I believe in a future of music, where artists and fans can seamlessly share the value generated by their relationship. I also believe in Bolero’s vision and their ability to take that relationship to new levels.”



Artist - Shareholder & Advisor

Chapter 4


We are always listening to our users and our community. Whether you want to give us feedback, join the team or pitch ideas, you can contact us straight away. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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