We believe in shaping a collective universe in Music.

Where creators unlock everlasting freedom of choice while individuals and businesses thrive through ownership.

A mission

At Bolero, our mission is to transform individual music preferences and emotions into a meticulously curated collection of musical assets, fostering equitable ownership among all an artist’s stakeholders. In doing so, we unlock the untapped value of music IP by enabling individuals and corporate to invest in revenues generated from master recording and publishing rights while allowing artists to monetise their catalog without loss of creative control.

Harnessing Bolero’s cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to crafting a robust platform that empowers artists to continually set the rhythm for their respective communities while generating sustainable revenues.

By making music a popular investment vehicle, we drive liquidity into creators and rights holders’ pockets at a fair value, thus transforming music into an accessible asset class for all. We have developed a platform that abstracts technology entirely, allowing intellectual property split and decentralization, for rapid and secure trading, simplifying the collection and the redistribution of royalties.


Our team

At Bolero, we hold in high esteem the unique essence of each artist, investing our utmost attention in understanding their distinct creative worlds. This unwavering dedication enables us to cultivate authentic, long-lasting connections with creators. We are a passionate team of music experts and technology pioneers, united by a common mission. Together, we are creating the tools that the music industry truly deserves.

In our journey, we collaborate closely with artists, managers, producers, and technology experts to create an unparalleled investment experience.

Le Motif

I am confident in Bolero’s mission and work to continue to add value to this unique catalogue. Bolero’s technology will introduce a new model for artists to obtain liquidity at more advantageous terms than they can obtain from existing institutions and companies.

Le Motif - Investor & Advisor


I believe in a future of music, where artists and fans can seamlessly share the value generated by their relationship. I also believe in Bolero’s vision and their ability to take that relationship to new levels.

Rilès - Investor & Advisor


Bolero took the lead and provided artists with the tools they needed. With the Song Shares, I’m bringing my interests in line with those of my community. We’re all on the same page, aiming for a song to become a hit.

Agoria - Partner

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Our community

We are always listening to our users and our community. Whether you want to give us feedback, join the team or pitch ideas, you can contact us straight away. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.