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Invest in the music rights of your favourite songs, and receive royalties. Simple, fast, the all-in-one platform.

How does it work?

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Buy and sell Song Shares

Hold percentages of music rights (master & publishing) on a selection of a 500+ tracks by established and emerging artists. Trade or keep your Song Shares on the marketplace.

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Receive royalties

Automatically receive a share of the revenue generated by the songs you own, several times a year. We collect royalties from 25+ different revenue streams.

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Join thousands of partners

Invite your friends, discover new talent, pick up inspiration from experts, and use your musical flair to build the best Song Shares catalog.


What is a Song Shares?

A Song Share is a unique digital asset that contains a percentage of the right to receive proportional royalties from all revenue sources.

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Side A: Master recording rights

The right protecting the recording of a performance (the version). Generates royalties from 4 income sources:



Physical sales


Side B: Publishing rights

The right protecting the lyrics and the sheet. Generates royalties from 9 income sources:

Audiovisual media

Recorded materials & multimedia


Live music

Clubs & Bars

Background music

Private copies


International operations

Designed hand in hand with artists

Le Motif

I am confident in Bolero’s mission and work to continue to add value to this unique catalogue. Bolero’s technology will introduce a new model for artists to obtain liquidity at more advantageous terms than they can obtain from existing institutions and companies.

Le Motif - Investor & Advisor


I believe in a future of music, where artists and fans can seamlessly share the value generated by their relationship. I also believe in Bolero’s vision and their ability to take that relationship to new levels.

Rilès - Investor & Advisor


Bolero took the lead and provided artists with the tools they needed. With the Song Shares, I’m bringing my interests in line with those of my community. We’re all on the same page, aiming for a song to become a hit.

Agoria - Partner

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Learn more about music rights, investments and how the industry works.

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